Luxury Dealers

Increase Calls and Sales With a Vanity Phone Number


  • Increased Customer Calls
  • Increased Car Sales
  • Increased Service Appointments
  • Customers Remember Vanity Number
  • Exclusive Territories Available
  • Get Caller's Name & Address (extra)

Promoting a vanity phone number that identifies the type of car you sell statistically results in more calls and greater sales.

A recent study conducted by 800response, a toll-free industry expert, proves that car dealers advertising their brand with a vanity number can expect up to 75 percent higher consumer recall when compared with a numeric toll-free number.

The use of 1-800-425-3987 may be licensed by dealers who are permitted to promote the Number in its "alphanumeric" form
as allowed under the terms of your Dealer Agreement.

Other Vanity Phone Numbers being used successfully by car dealers nationwide:

If you are not using a vanity toll-free number already, you should request your Territory immediately.
Territories are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis.